“UN-match 3 fairy tale which addresses everyday evil

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Looks like match 3 game?
It’s not!

It’s UN-match 3.

Help Timeslug and his friends face everyday evil.

And have fun.

Xenofil - When gameplay matters

We believe that games tell stories, not with just images or words, but with the gameplay itself. What does it mean when a game tells you to kill thousands of people? To match only elements of the same colour? What if we tell you to un-match them?

Experience a story of a boy… or a girl… who doesn’t get along and help them fit in. You will embark on a quest to face an unknown threat. Be aware: It’s puzzle game in its true sense. It’s gonna be challenging!

Xenofil was developed in Prague by Wonderful Tree Studio.


#againstxenophobia #againstracism #againstterrorism
#xenophile #xenophobia #unmatch-3 #timeslug  #racism #gender #equity #culturaldiversity #communication #friendship